A lot of historical material published about the Australian Shepherd,

clearly tells us one thing: the origin of this breed do not really know anything. It is believed that the dogs became shepherds more than 14,000 years ago, when man domesticated cattle. Survival herding breeds for centuries depended solely on the needs of pastoralists from different regions. And it’s not only the pastures of Australia, but also in Central Europe, all regions of North and South America.

Australian Shepherd historyThe name “Australian Shepherd”, most likely due to the dogs, who had migrated from the country at the beginning of the First World War. The archival records of the late 20-ies of the various regions of the United States was found a few written mentions of dogs with the same name.

Popularity among American farmers, these dogs have achieved because of their flexible temperament – they are incredibly quickly adapted to life at ranch. The term “Australian Shepherd Dog” became a kind of collective and passed from family to family more than a century, eventually remained with the breed to date! The fact that these dogs arrived in the United States did not thoroughbred – they were hybrids with other herding dogs. And despite the name, our breed – really created in America and get the most advanced type of the end of the 70s.

There is no reliable evidence that before 1945 Australian shepherd had anything like molded breed type. Aussie, who lived across the country were so diverse in structure, the type of head, the size and structure of hair, they would easily be classified as a backyard breed!

One person plays the most important role in the birth of modern Australian Shepherd.

It is the American cowboy Jay Sisler of Emmett, Idaho. Jay was the star of the rodeo and have never been a breeder of dogs in the truest sense of the word, but made a number of litters, with the help of his brother Jean. These puppies were settled all over the country, as both brothers actively traveled with demonstration performances at the rodeo. It all began in early childhood, when Jay has always played on his father’s farm. Later, around 1939, Jay bought his first Aussie, who had no pedigree. This dog has ushered in a new hobby that became his career.

It is believed that the breed Australian shepherd bred in the United States, however, this is not entirely correct. Dogs were brought to America from Australia, along with flocks of sheep, but US breeders have also made a huge contribution to the development of the breed.

Australian Shepherd historyThe official version of the origin of the breed, says that the Australian Shepherd was bred by crossing Collies, Bernese mountain dog and the Pyrenean Shepherd. The theory was repeatedly attacked and questioned after this competent experts prefer to admit that the history of the breed is unknown. Few people know that the investigation of the origin of Aussies was dedicated more than 50 years. Three generations of the family Hartnagle, herding and breeding of cattle and sought the perfect shepherd dog, and after the acquisition of the first Australian Shepherd, decided to promote the breed and continue the race of their pets.

Initial recognition Aussie happened in 1957, after registering a dog named Panda at the NSDR. The next confirmed Aussie ancestor – Australian coolies – breed, brought to Australia by settlers. Coolie were small, but differed enviable qualities shepherd. By the way, the “final version” Coolie who knit with the old German Shepherd Dog, Australian Kelpie and the first representatives of Border Collie, more than all the progenitors was similar to the modern Aussie. Breeders sought hardy, independent, strong, tolerant to cattle and at the same time, tiny dog with a short, but a double and a waterproof coat.

It’s incredible!

One of the famous Aussie breeders, was in trouble after falling to the bottom of the canyon, together with his horse. The events took place a few dozen kilometers from the village. Dog ran without stopping, but gave assistance to the host within a few hours. Strick became one of the main producers of the breed in the United States.

1962 – registered The American Club Australian Shepherd, that actually existed since 1957.

1966 – Australian Shepherd dog, Samantha, heir of the gene pool Strick, received a certificate from the American Orthopaedic Organisation.

1970 – the first registered nurseries Aussies, Las Rocosa and Maywood.

By 1972 there were already 26 nurseries.

1977 – registered breed standard of the Australian Shepherd.

Note! Aussie freely received recognition from the FCI.

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