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This stunning family companion …

if your family adhere to an active lifestyle. It turns life into an adventure, to play and to work from sunrise to sunset. Faithful and loving nature will conquer your heart.

Representatives of the dog breed Australian shepherd stand out from the masses of its eye-catching coat of medium length and hazel eyes, dark, yellow, blue, green or amber color.

Australian Shepherd appearanceWorking heritage makes a faithful companion dog family, which serves as a protector of home and with strangers behave aloof. Aussies get along with kids, but probably will try to drive them into the herd, if this does not wean.

It is pleasant to watch how the Australian Shepherd herding cattle. It makes confident, athletic movements, directs wards with barking, shows them the way using light biting and tweaks.

Smart, hardworking, versatile Australian Shepherd Aussie successfully take root in the house where her brains and energy will be used. No, you do not have to start a flock of sheep for his Aussie, although it is not damaged, but it is necessary to keep busy all the time. This high-energy instance, not intended for domesticity.

To use up the available supply of energy, the Aussie needs a lot of exercise, a short walk around the neighborhood did not satisfy. Not knowing what to do, the dog becomes weak, loud and disruptive. He pursues the children or the neighbors, chasing cars, other animals, or like hurricane sweeps through the housing. If you do not have time or energy to coach the Australian daily, this is not your option. Breed Australian Shepherd is suitable for those who are interested in for sports and exhibitions. Obedience, agility, shepherds test for her are lighter tasks. It can count on a successful career as a guide, a police dog, it opened the way in the search and rescue team.

This clever dog easy to make your companion and learn to help around the house, for example, to pick up off the floor and carry off dirty laundry to the bathroom.

The key features of the appearance of the Aussie are muscular and balance.

The dog has average parameters, but is very strong. Weight Shepherds tend to be about 32 kg and height – 58 cm Ears of this breed are medium sized and semi-erect. The eyes can be almost any color with almond-shaped. The main thing that distinguishes them – the presence of speckles and marbling. The muzzle of this breed is rather short, and the head is powerful. The nose is usually black or deep brown. It all depends on the color. From the nature of the dog the tail is docked short or straight.

What else distinguishes Australian Shepherd? This is a special blue color. Stiffness wool and its length are moderate. As for color, it is strikingly variable one: red, black, blue merle, red with the presence of tan markings. In this embodiment can be any white or copper marks.

Current description Aussie breed according to the standard FCI:

  1. A well-balanced dog of medium height. Muscular, but not heavy. Flexible, very lively and energetic. Height 60 cm, weight of not more than 30 kg.
  2. The head of an expressive, powerful, somewhat shortened. The nose can be black or red-brown, depending on color.
  3. The eyes are almond-shaped, very attentive. Friendly look. Hue can be anything. Distributed heterochromia.
  4. The ears are medium sized, semi-erect.
  5. Color can be almost anything. The most common marble, marble with a blue tint, red and black with white spots. Wool is thick, with a hard guard hairs.
  6. Movement of light, sweeping.

The size

Height at the withers:

  • males: from 50 to 58 cm;
  • females: from 45 to 53 cm.

The average weight of Australian Shepherd:

  • males: 22-29 kg;
  • females 40 – 25 kg.

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