Purpose shepherd

– be assertive with livestock, and if you indulge Australian, he will assume the role of leader in the “human pack”. For timid novice dog breeders such an option will not work. Like many shepherds, Australians are committed to their human family and reserved with outsiders. They need early socialization, interaction Australian Shepherd characterwith different people in puppyhood. Meeting the other owners on walks with their pets, allowing them to play together, you contribute to the consolidation of a puppy social skills.

Australians – it’s smart and loyal dogs. Since they often have to follow the cattle and sheep dog should be able to perform a variety of commands. Breed great learner. That is why its representatives become real helpers for his master. Remarkably, they are able to make the right decisions independently.

At exhibitions Australian Shepherds are great. They are quite friendly and helpful towards members of other dog breeds. They also know how to be friends with children and other pets. As for the aliens, then with them Aussie behave cautiously, but with restraint. For the host of Australian Shepherd is important to consider that, if the pet is not involved in the work with cattle, he should allow to throw out his tireless energy.

Australian Shepherd

– working dog with a well-developed intellectual protection and herding instinct. Different tireless and unpretentiousness. The nature of the breed in general is smooth, quiet, humorous, occasionally can be grumpy.

These Shepherds are characterized by a sharp mind and a pronounced desire to study. Australian Shepherd is vigilant and distrustful of strangers, but barks only when really feels the real danger. With a host the dog is genuinely friendly and welcoming, and is tied to the owner and his family.

By nature sociable and gets along with other dogs and other pets. With children it should introduce in early childhood, and the dog firmly love them and will protect. With no proper socialization can become fearful.

This is a very active creature that needs regular exercise and training, allowing to spend huge energy potential of this handsome American. It is best to take root Australian Shepherd in a sports family, who likes to spend a lot of time outdoors with their favorite pet.

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