Care and Maintenance

Your “shepherdess” every day should have from 30 to 60 minutes of active exercise,

the load like a game of frisbee. In addition, the necessary training obedience, herding dogs competitions or competitions in agility and dexterity.

Australian Shepherd careIf at your disposal there is a yard, make sure the fence. The Australian does not have to dig a hole under it, or just jump over the obstacle. The underground electronic fence will not work here, it will not stop the Aussies. Taking a walk with the dog on a leash, prepared for the fact that it will break out, until after a full course of obedience.

Your four-legged shepherdess need half an hour – an hour a day to splash out energy. Assist such classes as jogging, frisbee, exercise. When you’re exhausted, take up the dog with toys and puzzles, interactive games.

The Australian Shepherd puppies are not yet ready for such a challenging exercise as adults, make sure they did not run on hard surfaces such as concrete, and not jump too much. Prior year skeletal system develops rapidly, and excessive activity will cause joint problems.

Habit Australian Shepherd chase and biting ideal for grazing oats,

but if it is transferred to humans and other animals, it is bad manners. Correct them will help obedience course. Aussies are receptive to learning methods using positive reinforcement: praise, food, toys. Teams from his coach four-legged student accepts with pleasure, trying to do their job perfectly well.

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