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Advantages and disadvantages

Aussie Pros: Loyalty; High intelligence; Fast learner; Willingness to work independently; Friendliness, love of children; Excellent quality of security; Excellent show themselves in the sport;   Aussie Minuses: The constant need for higher mental and physical load; In the absence of activity penchant for destruction (more typical for young dogs).


Australians do not complain on the health, but they have a certain genetic predisposition. Not all dogs get “destined” disease, but it is important to have information when you buy a puppy. A good breeder will provide information about the history of both parents, these data confirm that the puppy tested for possible deviations.

Color and Care

Aussies water resistant coat of medium length, it provides the comfort of a dog in the rain and snow. The Australians, who live in cold climates, have a heavy undercoat, than those that live in sunnier regions. Australian Shepherd on foto surprises with elegant, mottled color and beautiful thick vegetation. The body covers straight or […]


The recommended amount of food, from 1.5 to 2.5 cup high dry feed per day, divided into two doses. Consumption rate depends on the size, age, metabolism and activity level of an animal. A very active dog needs more nutrients than lazy. What matters is the quality of the dog food. A good dog food […]

Care and Maintenance

Your “shepherdess” every day should have from 30 to 60 minutes of active exercise, the load like a game of frisbee. In addition, the necessary training obedience, herding dogs competitions or competitions in agility and dexterity. If at your disposal there is a yard, make sure the fence. The Australian does not have to dig […]


Purpose shepherd – be assertive with livestock, and if you indulge Australian, he will assume the role of leader in the “human pack”. For timid novice dog breeders such an option will not work. Like many shepherds, Australians are committed to their human family and reserved with outsiders. They need early socialization, interaction with different […]

Description (Appearance) Feature

This stunning family companion … if your family adhere to an active lifestyle. It turns life into an adventure, to play and to work from sunrise to sunset. Faithful and loving nature will conquer your heart. Representatives of the dog breed Australian shepherd stand out from the masses of its eye-catching coat of medium length […]


A lot of historical material published about the Australian Shepherd, clearly tells us one thing: the origin of this breed do not really know anything. It is believed that the dogs became shepherds more than 14,000 years ago, when man domesticated cattle. Survival herding breeds for centuries depended solely on the needs of pastoralists from […]