Australian Shepherd

One of the most sought after and popular breeds in the world,

you might say, an exemplary family dog at home – this Australian Shepherd. Breed purposefully taken out, the dog was supposed to be a shepherd and excellent companion. We declare with confidence – the goal was achieved! Note! Australian Shepherd or Aussie called Oussi. Sometimes, you can hear the outdated name derived from the Indians – Ghost Dog.

Australian ShepherdAussie, or Australian Shepherd – is a breed of dog, bred as a shepherd. It was formed as a result of cross-breeding Bernese Mountain Dog, Collie and Pyrenean Shepherd, and took from them their best quality. Thanks to the original color and pattern, each individual can be considered as unique and unrepeatable.

Australian Shepherd

– is a dog of small size, it is characterized by extreme loyalty and devotion to his master. She is very active, and therefore can not be in an enclosed or confined space.

These dogs are very intelligent, they always and everywhere trying to please the owner, that indicating on ease of training and education. Australian Shepherd is an excellent shepherd – this skill is laid in her blood. Despite the relatively small size of the animal, it is easily able to cope with a herd of cows.

Not so long ago the breed was actively used in the rescue operations, but now Australian Shepherds are increasingly becoming a pet and a full-fledged member of the family. For them, is so important love of host that they were ready to follow him on the heels, and the greatest joy of their lives is the praise.

In short, the Australian shepherd – is quite simple and very promising breed. Become the owner or breeder of the aussie dog is very interesting, because every day with original pet brings a small opening and a huge joy.

Australian Shepherd

– an example of obedience. It seems that the goal of life – to be useful to the owner. They are happy to accept new things, learning games, remember the teams and loved to run. Fast and agile Aussies will become an irreplaceable friend for energetic man who leads an active lifestyle.

Australian Shepherd infoAmerican farmers have appreciated the quality of work of the new breed. Especially her friendly nature and excellent protective qualities of the Australian Shepherd. For many years, this furry beauty is unparalleled in the shepherd’s work. Pastoralists US considers australian shepherd perfect shepherd dog. Wonderful dog has become to farmers a symbol of devotion and reliability. Dog obsessed with a passion for the work, but this quality is not evident and is revealed gradually. Random owner is unlikely to reveal the talents inherent in this dog. The breed requires a conscious and responsible attitude.

But what really can not be overlooked, is the extraordinary beauty of the Australian Shepherd, her amazing blue smart eyes. And moreover the dogs of this breed is great cope with the role of companion dogs, they are intelligent, obedient and well-teachable. This is one of the few dog breeds that can smile. Among the dogs is rare and if you ever see a smiling Australian shepherd dog, you will never forget the image of this charming dog.

Especially popularity Australian Shepherd began after the Second World War, when was the boom of equestrian sports, exhibitions and various rodeo horses in the United States. Since Australian Shepherds easily trained and taught various tricks, they often entertained the public in the breaks between competitions in the famous American rodeo, horse races and exhibitions.

The Walt Disney Company even made a few films and starring got Australian Shepherds. The breed is very popular in the US, specialized nurseries offer it at a fairly high price, but that does not stop the true fans. American farmers apply australian shepherd primarily as agricultural and herding dogs. However, outside the US more than Shepherds are bred as a companion dog and family pets. And the popularity of the Australian Shepherd is growing steadily worldwide. So, let us introduce you to a new breed of dog.